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Scissor lifts elongate and collapse in accordance with an elevation mechanism. These machines work very efficiently and allow for you to lift large loads in a safe and controlled way, even in confined spaces. Furthermore, these types of lifts are ideal for working indoors when you do not have much space to work with, as they can come in very compact models that do not take up much space. The guard rails of our electric lifts fold very low which is perfect for low headroom doorways, but we do offer outdoor models too. If you need to lift very heavy loads and do not have a massive amount of space to work within, then this machine could be perfect for you.

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For internal floors we offer models that have non marking tyres which is perfect as it will not create damage within the property. We prioritise leaving your home, property of place of work exactly how it was found, so we always try our best to ensure that none of our machines will damage any of the existing features of the area.  We want to give an all-round excellent customer service experience, and so we try and think of absolutely everything.

Like our mounted platforms, we can also supply scissor lifts with a trained operator, although we usually supply them on a self-operated basis.  Your trained operator will be IPAF approved and will have all of the suitable training required to operate this machine, so you can be assured your operator will be an effective one.

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