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Whatever job it may be that you need done, knowing the best piece of machinery to hire is the most important thing. We offer an extensive range of MEWPs that will allow you to carry out your job efficiently, safely and to a high standard.

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Things to consider when you are looking to hire a MEWP include:

  • Where will you be working? Indoors or outside?
  • What kind of terrain will you be working on? Smooth terrain or rough terrain?
  • What sort of movement do you require from your machinery? Do you need to go straight up and down or do you need to move up and over an obstacle?
  • What kind of height do you need to reach for this task?  Be sure to allow yourself plenty of leeway for the estimated height for the project.

We also offer free surveys of the site, so if you are having difficulty answering any of these questions, just let us know, and we can send out one of our trained professionals to view the site and let you know which piece of machinery will best suit your needs for the given project.

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